Family Portraits

Family sessions are held outdoors and includes up to six people. There will be a $20 fee for each additional person after six.

Family Portrait FAQ

How much retouching is included?

My photography style is considered a “clean natural look.” My goal is to enhance what is already there in a natural way. Basic retouching is included in your digital purchase. Basic retouching includes natural smoothing out of skin color and removing minor blemishes. The images in your online gallery will have the standard retouching performed already. Removal of wrinkled clothing and lint are not included in standard retouching. If you would like more extensive editing, this can be performed for an additional fee.

How much time do I have to view my photo gallery?

Within 2 weeks of your photo session, your online gallery will be available for viewing your images and placing your order. You will place your order online in the comfort of your home. If you prefer to order with me in person, we can schedule an appointment. You will have 2 weeks to place your order. Your gallery will automatically expire and go offline at that time. A $25 fee is charged to reactivate your gallery.

When will I receive my digital images or prints?

Digital image purchases are available via download (no flash drive/cd) typically within two business days of purchase. Prints are shipped directly to your home and usually arrive within two weeks of purchase.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes!  You can order them here.

I want the digital files. So why would I buy prints from you when I can do that myself?

The prints you order from me are professional prints and will last a lifetime. The colors of your prints will be true to life. I use a professional photo lab; they are not printed from my office printer.

All my products are printed on high quality paper, which means your photography will look beautiful and have a standard archival value of 100+ years. Prints made at places like Costco, Snapfish, Walgreens, and Walmart will not have the same quality or longevity as a professional lab, and the colors of their prints may not match the colors you see on your screen. Their printers and photo paper are just not of the same caliber.

You just invested in professional photography and you want your tangible product to be high quality. It’s great to have your digital photos for making announcements/greeting cards and for posting on social media, but computers crash, hard drives fail, flash drives get lost.

Don’t let your beautiful photos sit on a computer. Prints are forever! These are the prints that you will hand down to your children and your grandchildren someday.

Go ahead and get the digital files, but I recommend getting some prints that you can keep forever.

How should I prepare my young children for the photo session?

Your session should be fun and relaxed, so try your best to foster an upbeat attitude about the photo session with young children to reduce anxiety. During the family session, the normal “family rules” may not apply. Don’t worry about them smiling for every shot. Capturing their spirit in camera means we will get a variety of facial expressions – and they are all wonderful! Let them be themselves; let them be kids!

Kids are happier when they are well rested and have a fully belly. Bring some snacks and drinks with you to keep hunger at bay during your session. Choose snacks that don’t stain clothing. Bring some Kleenex and wipes too.

Consider bringing a favorite toy, or even a new toy, to keep their interest during the shoot.

What should we wear?

Choose colors that complement your skin tone and styles that flatter your body type. Layering clothes is a great way to achieve a variety of looks and infuse some color into your style. Remember that dark clothing gives a slimming affect, while light colors do the opposite.

I recommend that your family’s clothing not match (i.e. wearing the same color shirts). Instead choose colors that complement each other. This way everyone can wear clothing that is individualized and still have harmony with the whole family’s appearance. Here are some examples of how clothing can be assembled to complement each other without having to match.

Avoid clothing with large logos and busy patterns that will distract away from you. Try and avoid children’s themed clothing such as the latest superhero, as the focus should be on your child and not the character.

Wear primarily solid colored clothing so that we focus on your face and no one person stands out in the group photo. If you wear bold stripes or bright bold flowers, you will stand out from the rest of the group.

Our eyes are naturally drawn to areas with the most exposed skin showing. We want that area to be your face. Choose a top with sleeves at least to the elbow because your arms take up more skin area than your face (and we want to direct attention to your face, not your arms). Short sleeves/sleeveless shirts have the tendency to make your arms look larger than they really are.

No shorts. Choose long pants for men. Ladies, if you wear a dress/skirt, remember that you may be sitting on the ground. Sitting and maneuvering around with a short skirt may be challenging.

Feet may show in the portrait, so be sure to wear socks and shoes that complement the outfit you are wearing. Choose dark socks and footwear – white socks just stick out like a sore thumb and that’s all you will notice in your portraits.

If you normally wear eyeglasses (especially Transition lenses), please bring a spare pair with the lenses removed so you can avoid glare on your lenses and the automatic darkening feature of Transition lenses.

Should we get our hair cut or nails done before the photo shoot?

Don’t get a new style of haircut before your session. If you want to try something new, be sure to book your session out a bit to avoid any unwanted style that will be forever seen in your portraits. I would also recommend that if you are getting your regularly scheduled hair cut, you do that at least one week before the photo session so there is time for a little bit of grow out in case the stylist was a bit aggressive on your cut.

Bring your make up for touch ups and make sure your nails are spruced up since they are noticeable in portraits. Don’t forget to bring a small mirror for quick checks on your makeup.

Drink plenty of water and stay out of the sun a few days before your session. Red skin is not easy to deal with; sunburned and peeling skin is even worse.

Family Photography Pricing

For mobile devices, turn horizontally for best viewing.





Price for 1 minute



Limited Availability



15 minute photo session

5 retouched digital images

No wardrobe changes

Location: Photograher's choice

Option to buy professional prints






60 minute photo session

20 retouched digital images

Wardrobe changes allowed

Location: 10 mile radius of studio address

20% off professional prints